Celebrate Independence Day!

On July 4th we can not only celebrate the independence of our country, we can also celebrate our own personal independence from negative influences, from the bombardments of the noise of the world. We can celebrate the fireworks of freedom and be liberated from the slavery of negativity and the stress that enters through television, news and disturbing situations. We can only find that liberation through discovery of inner peace and moments of stillness. We can turn off the outer world, with all its violence, war and hatred. We can turn off the constant noise of those who want to distract us from pursuing inner peace. We make the choice for our personal independence. Every day, every moment, we make the choice of what we will have as the focus of our attention. There are fireworks and true freedom in stillness, in quiet, in allowing peace to move through our thoughts and our bodies, healing us of fear and frustration, of sadness and the despair that is of the world.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let us celebrate inner peace, let us celebrate being compassionate, forgiving, loving individuals. Let us celebrate being free of the bondage of negative influences and choose true liberation, that only comes from the fireworks of inner stillness and peace.