Excerpt from Intro to ‘Awaken, Awaken, The Time Is Now’
In this day and age, we have available a feast of knowledge, wisdom, and access to the teachings and revelations of the greatest minds in the history of the world. When we open the door to knowledge and inspiration, which is at our fingertips, the veils of ignorance, frustration and confusion naturally begin to fade. Each step we take on our journey through life becomes an awakening to deeper meaning and purpose.

Mankind must learn to accept one another, despite our differences. With so much division in our world it seems imperative to consider what we can do as individuals to promote unity and peace.

Let us consider love the highest ideal, the greatest message we can try to embrace and share with all our brothers and sisters of the world. As we become motivated to be of service to others, life is enhanced and we can attain spiritual peace and fulfillment in our lives and in the world.

‘Awaken, Awaken, The Time Is Now’ is a culmination of what I’ve learned after many years of study and my own personal spiritual journey. The intention for this writing is to go beyond boundaries, and what I believe is only a lack of understanding of other belief systems. In my studies, what I have found is that those that are pursuing religion and spirituality are all on a path to God. It may not be the same path, but the goal is the same, union with God. In the spirit, all men are equal.

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