A Computer Center Needed In Pakistan

It will take only $500.00 US to get a computer center up and running for a girls school in Pakistan. Recently gifted with three desktop computers, in order to get the computer center up and running, there are tables, chairs, some electrical work that needs to be done and a strong locking door installed to make this dream for Zephaniah and her schools children, come true. 

Zephaniah, an educator and women’s advocate from Gujranwala, Pakistan operates a free school for girls and women who cannot afford an education. Zephaniah offers education and sewing, embroiderary, hair and make-up artistry skills courses for women, an English language course and she provides career counseling.

In rural Pakistan, as Zephaniah says, “There is a danger and one thing that can ruin our world, and that is illiteracy. Only education teaches us to respect each other, to accept others as human beings, and gives us courage to encourage others around us. Education tells us that we should accept each other on the basis of humanity, not due to religion, cast, groups or nationality. So my fight is against illiteracy and I think everyone in the world should stand with me so that we can defeat this. I believe a perfect way to get peace and prosperity on the earth is to educate girls, because today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers.”

Zephaniah’s concerns are that; “In her part of the world, women have to suffer all their lives, they are being tortured mentally and physically, they are not being given an education, they are not empowered, and child marriage and honor killings must be put to an end. There is only one solution to all our problems, and that is education and awareness of women’s rights. I want every girl to be educated, empowered and protected.”

To make a donation: https://wwsc.rosetrefz.com/donate-wwsc/

Zephaniah started teaching the children in her village at the age of 13. In summer they sat under the blazing sun, in winter they sit under blankets. Her roof was the sky. At age sixteen Zephaniah started a job as a receptionist in a telecom franchise, where she was being paid $15.00 a month and this was the amount that she used as her initial investment towards buying stationary and other basic supplies for her school. Since then, Zephaniah continues to work her full time job to pay for the school.

As of 2014, Zephaniah has helped teach and empower 500 girls. She has a small building used as the ‘Women’s Learning Center.’ She has a formal education program with up to 100 students, as well as an English language course.  And Zephaniah does all this for free for the poor of her local community.  Now, she needs to have this essential and life transforming ‘Computer Center’ that will connect her students via the Internet to all the important resources that will benefit their lives, their communities, as well as increase their learning potential in countless ways.

With the work that Zephaniah Free Education is doing, great strides forward have been made to eliminate practices against girls and women. When a woman knows her rights and has skills to enrich her life and that of her family, it increases the chances for the future of girls education and the understanding of their human rights. When the family and community sees first hand the progress and strengths of the individual female, and the financial contributions she can make towards the family, it will help increase future enrollment for schools in the regions and offer a better life to more girls.  Educating girls has many benefits, especially for their families, communities and countries. With an education, girls can make better choices for their lives.

It has been proven that an educated female population increases a country’s productivity and fuels economic growth. More educated women tend to be healthier, work and earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better health care and education to their children. Girls’ education literally saves millions of lives, according to UNICEF. ( http://www.globalpartnership.org/focus-areas/girls-education )

Gender based violence particularly against women has become a serious problem in Pakistan. One major factor that contributes this horrible trend is the lack of education and awareness about gender-based issues.

If  you would like to take part in transforming the lives of girls and young women in Pakistan, here is your opportunity to do so. 

If you can help us make this dream come true to get the Computer Center up and running for Zephaniah Free Education, here is the link to our Worldwide Women’s Support Circle donation page. Please know that your contribution will go directly to Zephaniah Free Education. 

CLICK TO DONATE: https://wwsc.rosetrefz.com/donate-wwsc/

Please visit Zehphaniah Free Education Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zephaniahfreeacademy

Thanks to all who are supporting our efforts to empower, uplift, educate and inspire girls and women. God bless you!


About Rose Trefz, Director

Rose Trefz is a successful business owner, tuning pianos, since 1977. Rose is a peace, environmental and women’s rights activist via social networks . Rose’s Facebook pages are: Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Global Sisterhood, Living In Tune, Worldwide Spiritual Circle Facebook pages, as well as, Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Love Mother Earth, plus several other Facebook groups and Twitter.

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  1. My Dear Rose
    You are very kind and loving and so much care went into every word you have written in this request that shows how much you feel for women of our world who are in need, who are suffering, and who are not being given the right to an education and empowerment. You are just amazing. Thanks for everything you are doing and thanks to all those kind people who are going to donate for this purpose. Thank you all.

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