The Confidence Code Must Be Cracked

The Confidence Code The Science And Art Of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know’ is one of the most important books for women ever. Our world needs women leaders to have the confidence and to lead our world to a much better place. That requires confidence.  We need to know that we don’t need to be perfect, and it’s ok, even if we fail trying.  What girls and women have to say really matters, so please, find your voice and encourage your daughters to find theirs.


We must stop being so hard on women who do take the lead.

When comparing a women and a man side by side, and having them present the same exact information, the women will be judged much more harshly that the man. Why is he driven and strong and the women is considered aggressive and a bitch?

When we are aware of our negative behaviors, perceptions and cultural conditioning on a global scale, that is when women everywhere are more likely to change things, in countless, positive ways. ~Rose 

Learn more about the the male/female double standard here:…/why-is-he-driven-and-you…/1760/

Learn more about The Confidence Code by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay and take the Confidence Quiz here:




About Rose Trefz, Director

Rose Trefz is a successful business owner, tuning pianos, since 1977. Rose is a peace, environmental and women’s rights activist via social networks . Rose’s Facebook pages are: Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Global Sisterhood, Living In Tune, Worldwide Spiritual Circle Facebook pages, as well as, Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Love Mother Earth, plus several other Facebook groups and Twitter.