About WWSC

Worldwide Women’s Support Circle and Global Sisterhood are Facebook pages committed to encouraging and empowering women to become a force with the potential to transform and heal the world. WWSC and Global Sisterhood provide inspiration, support, empowerment and information intended to facilitate connections to one another, worldwide healing of the female gender and our planet.

Experience and Expertise

Rose Trefz, creator of Worldwide Women’s Support Circle and Global Sisterhood is a successful business owner since starting her piano tuning business in 1977. She is a peace, environmental and women’s rights activist via social networks Facebook and Twitter. Through WWSC, Global Sisterhood, Living In Tune and her other Facebook pages, groups, and Twitter, Rose is connected to several thousands of people from every place and culture on earth.

Rose is on the Board of Advisors of Malkia Foundation, which was founded by Phionah Musumba in Nairobi, Kenya. Phionah has dedicated her life to educating and empowering girls. Rose is also committed to helping a grassroots organization called Zephaniah’s Free Education, founded by an amazing women in Pakistan, as well as supporting the work of many other human rights and peace activist organizations globally.

Vision for Worldwide Women’s Support Circle and Global Sisterhood

Rose is determined to do what she can to help free and empower her sisters, and to encourage women globally to become a force that will transform our planet in ways never even conceived of.

By addressing the deep imbalance of power between the sexes, we can unlock and harness the enormous potential of women’s collective strength, intellect, creativity, and wisdom.

As the female gender is freed, humanity has a chance to evolve greater levels of peace, compassion, economic abundance and unity for all people.

2 thoughts on “About WWSC

  1. Thanks for your kind words Lela. Know how much your support and enthusiasm matter to all our sisters everywhere. Bless you! ~Rose

  2. Thank you for starting this group Rose! I believe very strongly in your mission and can conjure beautiful images of thousands, maybe millions, of women holding hands – connecting across borders, physical and figurative. In this dream, we can accomplish anything and nothing can stop us from infusing the world with justice and peace. The time to act is now. We are needed now to provide immediate support for women and children in crisis and to solve our problems at the root. Let’s go my sisters! LOVE to you all!

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