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Women’s Empowerment: A Cause For Awareness

Women’s Empowerment is so very important to me. I was recently inspired to create an awareness video project that is especially for women’s empowerment. It all began when I first virtually met the most inspiring and empowering founder of the WWSC, Rose Winstanley-Trefz.   And Rose being her name is not just a name, she is in fact as sweet as a rose, though I’ve never met Rose in person.

Rose brought an awareness to me of how important empowering other women of the world is, especially in an age where society signifies men and belittles the female gender. Rose encouraged me to be part of this tremendous cause to empower women, that ultimately became an actual passion for me.

That also led me to create a Facebook group,  Saudi Women’s Support Circle since I live in Saudi Arabia.

I have been working on producing a youtube clip that actually took me about one year to create and finalize since it was first announced, due to many reasons.  One reason was the difficulty of finding participants and the continuous following up with everyone. Second was whether or not I should get a sponsor for the video.

However, my persistence and determination did not stop me as I was so keen on creating this video.  Even with these few participants, I realized how important the voices of these young university students are.

From the moment it was uploaded, this women’s empowerment video has been viewed and liked by many!  It is really rewarding to me, and I would love to share it with you.

This clip is about a group of girls united together for one purpose, to empower women. The aim of this clip is to simply raise awareness and to inspire more and more women to step into their own empowerment!

LINK TO VIDEO: Women Empowerment – Awareness Video

Jawaher Zahran,   Saudi Women’s Support Circle