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Invest In Love

“Can we try to see the God in one another, even our enemies? What we focus on, what we dream for the planet will spread across the earth. Are you investing in joy and beauty for yourself and those around you? Do yourself and the world a favor, please let go of warlike thoughts, behaviors, and drama. Let’s choose love. When enough people love fiercly, it simply isn’t possible for darkness, hate, or fear to exist.”

Inspired by Susan Skog, author of ‘Peace In Our Lifetime, Insights from the World’s Peacemakers.’

Generate Loving Energy

The way to transform violence is the energy of love, tolerance, compassion, understanding, and seeing God in everyone, no matter what their religious, political or social background is. When we hate someone or something, we generate that energy. When we see the violent with compassion, for example, we break the cycle of violence with compassion, knowing that person is
suffering and in pain. Therefore, generate love!

Compassionate listening

Compassionate listening, listening from the heart, not the head, is a powerful tool. Even one person holding heart space for peace can have immeasurable impacts. When one person emanates a very strong electromagnetic field that changes the electromagnetic field of everyone in the vicinity. This is huge! Even one person can make a difference in the world. Create that field. Focus your heart on peace/love everyday!