If you would like to make a donation via Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Rose Trefz will share your donations with Phionah Musumba, founder of Malkia Foundation in Kenya, Africa or Sister Zeph, founder of Zephaniah’s Free Education in Pakistan. Know your contributions are very much appreciated.  Please specify your choice on the PayPal screen (there is a spot for a message during PayPal checkout).

If you would like to donate directly to these non-profits, please let us know and we will send you information of how to get funds directly to them. Please know how much your financial support matters.

— Rose Trefz, Norwood, PA, USA

Use PayPal to make a donation to WWSC

  • On the PayPal screen, the “Worldwide Women’s Support Circle” is listed as the Business name.
  • Enter an amount on the PayPal screen and login using your PayPal username and password, or
  • PayPal lets you use a credit card without having a PayPal account. Look for that option on the PayPal screen.
  • After PayPal processes the transaction, PayPal will send you an email confirming the transaction.
    Note that WWSC never receives your credit card number or any login information that you enter on the PayPal screens.
    PayPal handles the entire transaction and takes care of the security and privacy issues connected with the transaction.
  • Just click the orange PayPal “Donate” button below to get started.

MalkiagirlshelpedMalkia Foundation/The Centre for Disadvantaged Girls was founded by Phionah Musumba in Nairobi, Kenya. Malkia Foundation/CDG empowers women and girls through education and skills training to eradicate poverty.


This important organization works with the many girls and women from the poorest of backgrounds, as well as those affected and/infected with HIV/AIDS. Malkia Foundation believes that anyone can improve their lot in life, given the chance and opportunity.

Zephaniah Free Education, in the rural area of Gujranwala, Pakistan, is raising the status of women through education, skills training and empowerment.

ZephaniahFreeEducatonforwwscwebsiteZephaniah Free Education Founder, Zephaniah shares, “Here in my part of the world women suffer all their life. They are being tortured mentally and physically. Child marriage and honor killings must to be put to an end. I know there is only one solution to all our problems, and that is education and awareness of our human rights. I want every girl to be educated, empowered and protected.”


To contact the WWSC, please visit the Contact page

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  1. Dearest Rose, this is magnificent 🙂 Well done and thank you for supporting our global sisters. ♥

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