Peace, Freedom And A Positive Vision For The Future

PeacefreedomandapositivevisionforourworldThe most powerful step we can take collectively is to create a positive vision for the future of our personal lives, our communities, nations, and our world.

People in every land are tired of the corruption of their governments and the political manipulations that lead to the devastation of lives, while people simply struggle to survive. As people are awakening to the deceptions of their leaders, the means of controlling the masses is beginning to fade. More people see the need to move from an model that is reliant on fear and control, feeding the never ending greed for power, money and resources, which, as we can see clearly, this method is no longer working.

One of the most critical steps forward humanity must take, if we are ever to have peace in the world, is that the female gender must be free from male domination, patriarchy, oppression, physical and emotional abuse.

Peace must be an individual priority. Each and every person must strive towards personal evolution, forgiveness for ourselves and others, growth, and healing. As we take steps towards higher levels of consciousness, we will be developing inner peace, and this leads naturally towards generating more positive energy into a world that greatly needs it. Imagine what would happen if we collectively envision embracing the entire planet, all people and life in a loving embrace!

Consider this; more people are connecting in ways that were inconceivable just a short time ago. Human’s are going beyond boundaries that have kept us in the confines of the “us & them” tribal mentality and the state of fear that leads to violence, hatred and wars that the governments or religious fundamentalist political movements propagate.

Great hope lies in a new paradigm. As individual’s are connecting with people from different ideologies and cultures in social networks, the “us & them” boundaries are fading away. When we connect as friends, we see that we are all striving for the same basic human needs. We all want love and respect. We need the basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter. We all have issues and life lessons to learn, but we also see that someone from another part of the world, religion or culture is also having to face their own personal struggles as well as us. This opens our hearts and minds to ever deepening levels of compassion for those we might have seen previously, as different than ourselves. When we extend a hand of friendship, when we are able to let others know that, regardless of where we are in the world, we care about each other, this is the greatest shift towards unity and peace our world has ever known!

One of the greatest evolutionary steps that we must realize, is that our world’s children must be educated, with a balanced number of girls as well as boys being allowed this critical opportunity. Education and learning job skills can lift the poorest of the poor out of poverty, but every culture must strive towards this life changing step towards progress. As people are being educated, we are able to explore higher levels of skills, empowered living, consciousness and wisdom. Global economies will improve and progress will benefit even more people’s lives.

Humanity must realize our inter-connectedness. When we see things from a collective point of view, when more  people are envisioning a positive vision for the future for humanity, we will find unlimited and unimagined potentialities that have never even been considered before.  We cannot progress if we are living in the past, not allowing for healing and forgiveness to take place, with a focus on a clean slate and a concern that is for the benefit of all of humanity.

Most importantly, the female gender must be freed! We need good men around the world to help support this shift from oppression and domination toward allowing the female gender, the world’s greatest untapped resource, to be free to explore the depths of intelligence, wisdom, skills, nurturing and healing capabilities that women intrinsically possess. Women, it is being shown, who are offered the opportunity, are very good leaders. As the female gender is given more opportunities for education and jobs, which they have always been denied, this can be a goldmine for every nation that is focused on economic growth, political and social stability.

If ever in doubt that there is something very wrong happening on our planet, all we have to do is to look at the current state of the world to see that this chaos has been created by a world dominated by men. Women, if offered an education and opportunities can bring the balance that we need so desperately in our world. We can live in a more progressive, gentle, compassionate world to counteract the degradation, aggression and abuses that is undermining so many girls and women in every nation, religion and culture worldwide.

Let us create a vision for the future and take steps that are essential for our planets survival. As we find ways that unify our world, we will evolve and develop the ways for a peaceful planet. Let us do all we can to empower individual’s. Imagine the leaders of our nations working together for a planet that reflects the true nature of all the highest moral and ethical codes ever conceived.

With compassion and respect in our hearts for all of life, and world peace as our goal, as each and every person is working towards a better world, as we build on our hopes and dreams, we can fulfill all that we know in the depth of our hearts and souls to be the essential steps toward a better life and a better world.

We must never underestimate the immeasurable good that each of us can contribute, regardless of our culture or our background, if we are committed towards doing what we can for the betterment of this generation and generations to come.

Let each and every one of us strive to make our inner lives a sanctuary in which we are radiating the outward energy of compassion, unity, love and peace.

Rose Winstanley-Trefz

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