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What Is Your Vision of a Perfect World?

What would your vision of the perfect world look like? Creating a vision is a very important step if we are going to make any changes. What would make our planet the best it could be? Seeing the planet as healthy? People living peacefully? Much less violence? What can you do you help facilitate this vision? Be an idealist. Go ahead, its OK. What have we got to lose except fear or lack of hope for the future?


Just as you practice other skills, practice using your loving thoughts, as you do your peaceful intentions, to shift the energy, climate, emotions, and actions in any given situation, no matter how volatile. That is when you realize your true ability to be a peacemaker. This is concentrated, disciplined work. Just as it’s impossible for your home to feel safe if it’s polluted with angry thoughts, its impossible to create a more peaceful world if you hate political leaders, terrorists, or people you don’t know.

What we feel with our emotions and thoughts magnifies. Use the power of your thoughts wisely. When we focus our minds and will on our love for humanity, that collective energy empacts the heartbeat of the entire earth. Give no power to violence. Don’t focus on it in any way. Focus on what you want to grow across the earth. Look for and expect it. Seed hope.

Look for the light. We are the loving peace. We can use our power, a power obtained by acts of love.

Spirit of peace, renew our world.
Ideas from, ‘Peace In Our Lifetime’ by Susan Skog