7 Days of Rest, Jan. 1-7 Global Event

January 1-7  I have been happy to participate in an awesome global event called, 7 Days of Rest. When a brilliant friend of mine in Jerusalem, Shelley Ostroff shared with me a vision she had for this idea of 7 Days of Rest in 2018, I knew how important this would be. What Shelley did to accomplish and manifest the 7 Days of Rest Global Events has been nothing less than phenomenal. I am happy to support and promote this event far and wide with my social networks!

7 Days of Rest  January 1 – 7, has brought together individuals and communities from across the world in service of a thriving world for all. We now move forward together to manifest our shared vision. 

Love Mother Earth is a simple seed idea that is desperately needed in our world today which I was inspired to start after participating in the first 7 Days of Rest even. There are so many people who care deeply for our planet and bring hope, ideas, inspirations and solutions for the healing and restoration of our Earth. We need so many more people to understand the needs of our planet and especially, the need to do whatever we can to preserve and care for our planet for future generations.

It is so wonderful to  see so many exceptional women who are leading others to realize that is is our responsibility to do our part to love and cherish our Mother Earth. I sincerely hope that with our new Love Mother Earth group, that as we share, inspire and uplift our global family daily via our social networks that more people will realize the urgent need to connect to nature, to eat a plant based diet, and to deeply cherish and love our most fragile Mother Earth and all life thereon.

I am so grateful to be connected to a vast and growing network of people who inspire me and bring me hope. In the online opening ceremony and meditation, I was happy to learn more about the work of Cynthia Jurs, whose efforts with the Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project brings healing and protection to the Earth by filling consecrated clay vessels with prayers and offerings, and ceremonially burying them in the Earth in collaboration with indigenous elders, young activists and grassroots leaders in places where healing and protection are most needed around the planet. An awesome organization,  that I am a grateful member of and which I love deeply is, TreeSisters, women seeding change. TreeSisters envision a world in which it is normal for everyone to protect and restore our planet. Loving Waters is a growing united global community of Water advocates providing connection, support, presence and focus for committed ‘Water Guardians’ in their broader actions by hosting this website, a monthly conference call, and with a lively social media networking presence. The Global White Lion Trust is doing so much to preserve, rescue and keep safe the small number of while lions still in the wild, such majestic creatures that have been slaughtered mercilessly by trophy hunters, and whose habitat has been diminished so greatly. It touches my heart so deeply to know that there are so many individuals and organizations who are doing their part to make our world a better place!

So deeply grateful to Shelley Ostroff, whose passion and efforts are an inspiration to us all. Learn more about Shelley’s work here via Together In Creation.

The Confidence Code Must Be Cracked

The Confidence Code The Science And Art Of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know’ is one of the most important books for women ever. Our world needs women leaders to have the confidence and to lead our world to a much better place. That requires confidence.  We need to know that we don’t need to be perfect, and it’s ok, even if we fail trying.  What girls and women have to say really matters, so please, find your voice and encourage your daughters to find theirs.


We must stop being so hard on women who do take the lead.

When comparing a women and a man side by side, and having them present the same exact information, the women will be judged much more harshly that the man. Why is he driven and strong and the women is considered aggressive and a bitch?

When we are aware of our negative behaviors, perceptions and cultural conditioning on a global scale, that is when women everywhere are more likely to change things, in countless, positive ways. ~Rose 

Learn more about the the male/female double standard here:

Learn more about The Confidence Code by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay and take the Confidence Quiz here: http://theconfidencecode.com/




The Death Throes of Patriarchy

Friday, January 20, 2017 many people were reeling from the inauguration of the new U.S. president, Donald Trump.  On January 21, 2017 for the Women’s March, an estimated 5 million women and men came together worldwide, with over 1 million marching in Washington, D.C. People came in peaceful protest to march, raise their voices for the protection of legislation and policies regarding human rights, women’s rights, immigration and healthcare reform, protection of the environment, support the efforts at Standing Rock, North Dakota and the efforts of the water protectors who are trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline that threatens to destroy their only clean water source, and to support LGBTQ rights, racial equality and freedom of religion.

In the week after the Women’s March, Nicholas Kristof, columnist for The New York Times and co-author of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide wrote this important article outlining, Trumps War On Women.

As we are seeing the death throes of patriarchal systems and the shadow side of man’s need to control and oppress the female gender and the unconsciousness of domination, cruelty and lack of regard for the planet, it is becoming very clear that we, as individuals and humanity collectively are being called upon to manifest the qualities that are most needed in the world now, more than ever before.

We must be diligent in shining the Light of compassion, generating peaceful, serene energy in the face of bigotry, unconsciousness, separation and cruelty. We as individuals must transform negative energy into positive energy by being so focused on kindness, healing. love and peace, that negative thoughts and energy will easily be abandoned as we gently bring it into the Light through our intention to heal suffering and fear with hope and by creating a positive vision for our future of our lives and our collective humanity. This requires vigilance in utilizing the tools of tuning into inner peace with slow, deep breathing, relaxation and Calm daily, centering prayer, mindfulness, silence and connecting to a positive support system as we work towards shifting humanity from this realm of the ego to one of unification, higher consciousness, mercy and love.

As the great spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson has said,  “Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”

We have much to do, but knowing we are not alone is a huge comfort!” ~Rose


Souad Al-Shammary Must Be Freed!

UPDATE: Our petition with Change.org got 78,147 signatures. We are so grateful to everyone who signed and shared the petition globally. Very happy to report that Souad Al-Shammary was freed Feb 2, 2015.

Here is a more recent article about Souad: A liberal mother of six jailed for challenging Saudi taboos

Souad Al-Shammary is a human/woman’s rights activist  who was recently arrested in Saudi Arabia. I was able to connect to Souad’s daughter who wanted to be a part of our Worldwide Women’s Support Circle petition/ campaign that Change.org has taken an interest in. Change.org has promoted this campaign and with their help the number of signatures has more than doubled in a few days, which is very important for our petition to make a significant difference.  Also within our petition site, there is a Saudi women to drive campaign link, since it was a woman activist for the driving campaign that put me in touch with the  wonderful and supportive Change.org representative. 

What came from the first draft of the petition to our latest draft is a plea from Souad’s daughter, which is very touching and powerful. To be able to connect to Souad’s daughter and to directly support her and her family is a miracle of todays technology.  Souad’s daughter shared directly with me that all she and her family want is for their mother to be released from prison. Connecting to Souad’s daughter and having such wonderful support from Change.org has touched my heart deeply and inspire me to do all I can to make sure that the world is aware of Souad’s arrest. https://www.change.org/p/saudi-government-???????-????????-help-free-my-mother-souad-al-shammary-prominent-human-rights-activist-and-women-s-rights-advocate

This brave woman, Souad Al-Shammary has done nothing wrong. She has challenged the system, and in the case of the female gender in Saudi Arabia and so many other places globally, the system must be challenged! Women aren’t children, and they shouldn’t be treated as such. They have thoughts, dreams, they are intelligent and amazing beings and their voices need to be heard. I recently came across this latest insanity to control the female gender in Saudi.  Saudi Arabia’s Religious Police Outlaw ‘Tempting Eyes’ The religious police in Saudi want a ban/law to enforce women to not have “tempting eyes.” This ridiculous idea, thanks to the media quickly spread to all parts of the earth. Who is going to be the judge of whether women have tempting eyes or not? How many girls and women will suffer from this ban by men who think its their duty to enforce this crazy idea? These religious police in Saudi want to use  fear and intimidation to stop women who have the courage to speak our against male guardianship laws, and for religious freedom and driving. These examples of human/women’s rights violations if not challenged, will put women even further behind than they are now. If these men get away with this, then how many other ultra conservative men will pick up on this, how many  girls and women who are already extremely oppressed, abused and who are suffering in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and  Africa, will suffer even more?

We need men to speak up. If the men don’t speak up for women in a place like Saudi Arabia, then who will? If men globally don’t become advocates for equality and freedom for our sisters, then they will continue to suffer in so many countless ways. We need people everywhere to say, “Enough is enough!”

Continue reading

Women’s Empowerment: A Cause For Awareness

Women’s Empowerment is so very important to me. I was recently inspired to create an awareness video project that is especially for women’s empowerment. It all began when I first virtually met the most inspiring and empowering founder of the WWSC, Rose Winstanley-Trefz.   And Rose being her name is not just a name, she is in fact as sweet as a rose, though I’ve never met Rose in person.

Rose brought an awareness to me of how important empowering other women of the world is, especially in an age where society signifies men and belittles the female gender. Rose encouraged me to be part of this tremendous cause to empower women, that ultimately became an actual passion for me.

That also led me to create a Facebook group,  Saudi Women’s Support Circle since I live in Saudi Arabia.

I have been working on producing a youtube clip that actually took me about one year to create and finalize since it was first announced, due to many reasons.  One reason was the difficulty of finding participants and the continuous following up with everyone. Second was whether or not I should get a sponsor for the video.

However, my persistence and determination did not stop me as I was so keen on creating this video.  Even with these few participants, I realized how important the voices of these young university students are.

From the moment it was uploaded, this women’s empowerment video has been viewed and liked by many!  It is really rewarding to me, and I would love to share it with you.

This clip is about a group of girls united together for one purpose, to empower women. The aim of this clip is to simply raise awareness and to inspire more and more women to step into their own empowerment!

LINK TO VIDEO: Women Empowerment – Awareness Video

Jawaher Zahran,   Saudi Women’s Support Circle



WWSC Campaign for Computer Center A Huge Success!


The Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign  launched by Worldwide Women’s Support Circle for Zephaniah Free Education in Pakistan was a huge success. Thanks to all who contributed to the campaign, especially one very generous donor,  we were able to completely fund Phase II for the Computer Center, which is completely operational now.  A huge thanks goes out to all who made this WWSC campaign a huge success!

Phase I of the appeal  raised enough funds for Zephaniah free Education to get the electricity installed as well as a fan, lights, and a nice long computer table that was made and has room for the three desktop computers that had been gifted to Zephaniah Free Education.  Phase II completed our project to get the laptop computers, battery backup and accessories that are critical for keeping the computer center going, since in Pakistan, there is only up to six hours of reliable electricity a day. Now that Zephaniah Free Education has the laptops, the children are able to study uninterrupted! This is critical for their learning. Imagine being in the middle of a lesson and the electricity goes out. That is why your help was so desperately needed to complete Phase II.

Thanks to all who took part in transforming the lives of girls and young women in Pakistan!  Continue reading

Women For World Peace

Women for world peace is a critical step for ending the violence and destruction that is taking place globally. Women must say, “Enough is enough!” Women globally must realize that it is up to us to make the world a better place! Come on ladies. Roll up those sleeves. We have a lot of work to do!

Peace, compassion, freedom, equality, abundance, and unity to all people!

Peace event starting 8/7 – Till the end of time.

Please watch this clip and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! : http://youtu.be/pBKG1ZqxAXs

women for peace


Violence Against Women Must End

End violence against women by signing this petition. Take action for ending the violence against girls and women in conflict situations. Let the world know that we will not stand for this violence any longer. These petitions work and are very effective in raising awareness of these issues.

Thank you for your support and for helping to transform our world!

SIGN HERE: http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/take-action-for-rape-survivors?utm_source=housefile&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Email

“And there’s one other matter I must raise. The epidemic of domestic sexual violence that lacerates the soul of South Africa is mirrored in the pattern of grotesque raping in areas of outright conflict from Darfur to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and in areas of contested electoral turbulence from Kenya to Zimbabwe. Inevitably, a certain percentage of the rapes transmits the AIDS virus. We don’t know how high that percentage is. We know only that women are subjected to the most dreadful double jeopardy.

The point must also be made that there’s no such thing as the enjoyment of good health for women who live in constant fear of rape. Countless strong women survive the sexual assaults that occur in the millions every year, but every rape leaves a scar; no one ever fully heals.

This business of discrimination against and oppression of women is the world’s most poisonous curse. Nowhere is it felt with greater catastrophic force than in the AIDS pandemic. This audience knows the statistics full well: you’ve chronicled them, you’ve measured them, the epidemiologists amongst you have disaggregated them. What has to happen, with one unified voice, is that the scientific community tells the political community that it must understand one incontrovertible fact of health: bringing an end to sexual violence is a vital component in bringing an end to AIDS.

The brave groups of women who dare to speak up on the ground, in country after country, should not have to wage this fight in despairing and lonely isolation. They should hear the voices of scientific thunder. You understand the connections between violence against women and vulnerability to the virus. No one can challenge your understanding. Use it, I beg you, use it.” ~Stephen Lewis


Donation for Computer Center Appeal Successful

Craig Packer, who is the founder of the Facebook pages, Stop The Worldwide War on Girls, The Silence Stops Now and Global Microlending Network for Women read my Worldwide Women’s Support Circle appeal for a $500 donation to get a Computer Center up and running for Zephaniah’s Free Education.  His kindness and generosity was an answer to our prayers, especially to those of us who know how important this donation is to get the Computer Center going for the children in this region of Pakistan.

Craig shares, “I became aware of just how dire the situation is for women and girls our world over. What I learned changed everything about how I see our shared global community and how I approach gender issues. The more I researched and the more I listened to and learned from the global community of women, I realized that the challenges facing women and girls all over the world are connected to larger issues—a systemic set of structures that are designed to prohibit women from achieving full economic, social, political, and cultural equality. We find ourselves falling into the bottomless pit of trying to solve symptoms rather than root causes. And solving symptoms solves nothing.

For me, this journey has fundamentally changed what it means to be a man.

We need to have a serious conversation about gender, and the time for that conversation is dreadfully overdue. We have to look at what happens to girls and women across the entire lifespan. And we have to look at the social and cultural systems and structures that created and perpetuate these inequalities.”

Stop the Worldwide War on Girls’ Facebook page shares this powerful statement:

“One of our most precious resources–the world’s women and girls–is at tremendous risk. Our mission is to increase awareness of the global war on girls, to forge partnerships with organizations that support this mission–and ultimately, to stop the assault on the daughters of the world. Girls are frequent victims of:

Gendercide, abandonment, neglect, and malnutrition
Child prostitution
Child rape
Inadequate access to education
Child marriage
Human trafficking
Child labor
Female genital cutting

When girls are not valued and acknowledged for their tremendous potential, the consequences when they become women, if they make it to that point at all, can be harsh. These consequences include:

Limited individual economic empowerment
Life-long economic dependence
Cyclical poverty
Forced marriage
Perpetuated boy preference
Inability to inherit family wealth or lead family rituals
Honor killings
Acid burning
Limited rights to prosecute men or boys for rape or other crimes
Forced abortion
Forced labor
Unfair imprisonment
Domestic violence
Human trafficking

All of the challenges cited above will continue to persist. Unabated. In fact, all data suggest that these challenges will only get worse. Unless we do something.

Gender should never be a death sentence–or a sentence of perpetual suffering. You can help.”

With The Silence Stops Now Facebook page, the focus is: “A civilized nation doesn’t tolerate violence against women.”

Global Microlending Network for Women offers:

“Our desire is to create a network of individuals, organizations, websites, and social media pages that are dedicated to supporting women and children.


Microlending harbors tremendous potential to improve the economic, social, political, and educational empowerment of women and children. We do not care what microfinancing mechanism you use to make this happen–or whether you support women who are starting businesses or men who are looking for assistance in paying school fees for their children. Just as long as you support the endeavor, we welcome and encourage your participation and support!”

Can you imagine if we had a world whcraigpackerstoptheworldwidewarongirlsere men actually cared as much as this one man does! Can you imagine having men who would devote their time and efforts to do all they can to not only raise awareness of the issues about girls and women who are suffering and who must be empowered, but a man who would go to great lengths to donate very generous sums of money that transforms the lives of hundreds of girls and women from impoverished areas in Kenya, Pakistan and elsewhere! If we had more men who cared, our world would be transformed in a very short time, especially when men add their financial support to help women.

Statistics show that when women are empowered, when they are offered an education and opportunities, they are the ones who are contributing the most to their families and the economy in their villages and countries. Men must wake up to the fact that they can no longer keep women in a state of ignorance and poverty and that if they would only do something to help empower girls and women, then our whole world would be transformed in a very short time.

I and those whose lives have been so deeply touched by this one man’s amazing efforts to help his sisters to help others want to publicly thank and acknowledge Craig Packer from the depths of our hearts. We can only pray that he will inspire more men to do what they can to help girls and women to rise above the oppression they have been forced to live under for too long now. With the help of powerful role models like Craig Packer, we can and we will transform our world by freeing our sisters from the male domination, ignorance and violence that is plaguing our planet.

Here is an article from Safe World for Women that Craig has written entitled:

For the Boys: One Man’s Call to Action to Other Men


Please support these important pages to raise awareness of these issues facing girls and women globally:

Stop the Worldwide War on Girls


The Silence Stops Now


Global Microlending Network for Women




A Computer Center Needed In Pakistan

It will take only $500.00 US to get a computer center up and running for a girls school in Pakistan. Recently gifted with three desktop computers, in order to get the computer center up and running, there are tables, chairs, some electrical work that needs to be done and a strong locking door installed to make this dream for Zephaniah and her schools children, come true. 

Zephaniah, an educator and women’s advocate from Gujranwala, Pakistan operates a free school for girls and women who cannot afford an education. Zephaniah offers education and sewing, embroiderary, hair and make-up artistry skills courses for women, an English language course and she provides career counseling.

In rural Pakistan, as Zephaniah says, “There is a danger and one thing that can ruin our world, and that is illiteracy. Only education teaches us to respect each other, to accept others as human beings, and gives us courage to encourage others around us. Education tells us that we should accept each other on the basis of humanity, not due to religion, cast, groups or nationality. So my fight is against illiteracy and I think everyone in the world should stand with me so that we can defeat this. I believe a perfect way to get peace and prosperity on the earth is to educate girls, because today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers.”

Zephaniah’s concerns are that; “In her part of the world, women have to suffer all their lives, they are being tortured mentally and physically, they are not being given an education, they are not empowered, and child marriage and honor killings must be put to an end. There is only one solution to all our problems, and that is education and awareness of women’s rights. I want every girl to be educated, empowered and protected.”

To make a donation: https://wwsc.rosetrefz.com/donate-wwsc/

Zephaniah started teaching the children in her village at the age of 13. In summer they sat under the blazing sun, in winter they sit under blankets. Her roof was the sky. At age sixteen Zephaniah started a job as a receptionist in a telecom franchise, where she was being paid $15.00 a month and this was the amount that she used as her initial investment towards buying stationary and other basic supplies for her school. Since then, Zephaniah continues to work her full time job to pay for the school.

As of 2014, Zephaniah has helped teach and empower 500 girls. She has a small building used as the ‘Women’s Learning Center.’ She has a formal education program with up to 100 students, as well as an English language course.  And Zephaniah does all this for free for the poor of her local community.  Now, she needs to have this essential and life transforming ‘Computer Center’ that will connect her students via the Internet to all the important resources that will benefit their lives, their communities, as well as increase their learning potential in countless ways.

With the work that Zephaniah Free Education is doing, great strides forward have been made to eliminate practices against girls and women. When a woman knows her rights and has skills to enrich her life and that of her family, it increases the chances for the future of girls education and the understanding of their human rights. When the family and community sees first hand the progress and strengths of the individual female, and the financial contributions she can make towards the family, it will help increase future enrollment for schools in the regions and offer a better life to more girls.  Educating girls has many benefits, especially for their families, communities and countries. With an education, girls can make better choices for their lives.

It has been proven that an educated female population increases a country’s productivity and fuels economic growth. More educated women tend to be healthier, work and earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better health care and education to their children. Girls’ education literally saves millions of lives, according to UNICEF. ( http://www.globalpartnership.org/focus-areas/girls-education )

Gender based violence particularly against women has become a serious problem in Pakistan. One major factor that contributes this horrible trend is the lack of education and awareness about gender-based issues.

If  you would like to take part in transforming the lives of girls and young women in Pakistan, here is your opportunity to do so. 

If you can help us make this dream come true to get the Computer Center up and running for Zephaniah Free Education, here is the link to our Worldwide Women’s Support Circle donation page. Please know that your contribution will go directly to Zephaniah Free Education. 

CLICK TO DONATE: https://wwsc.rosetrefz.com/donate-wwsc/

Please visit Zehphaniah Free Education Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zephaniahfreeacademy

Thanks to all who are supporting our efforts to empower, uplift, educate and inspire girls and women. God bless you!