Awaken, The Time Is Now

“There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now ”  ~Buddha






AWAKEN, Children of the Earth. How much longer will it take for you to see and realize the brotherhood and sisterhood of all of humanity? How many prophets and teachers do we need before we remove the veils from our eyes and behold the universal essence that connects us as one human family? We must awaken to accept and appreciate the beauty of our diversity to evolve towards peace, compassion and unity for all people.

Universal energy is the energy of love.  This is the Truth, the greatest message ever told, the most essential moral and ethical code to realize, regardless of our cultural or religious background. If we broaden our perspective, this Truth crosses all boundaries, whether we refer to God as Father, Allah, Jehovah, Brahman or Atman.

When we internalize our quest for God as Love, when we see that the kingdom of Love is within, we will be led by the Spirit of Truth on a path of self-realization and integration to that place of grace, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude. This leads to a creative certainty of the harmony and oneness of all things.

When we are able to transcend our negative human qualities, and concentrate on our higher selves, and serve each other from the heart with compassion, for a higher good, we connect to that which is the source of everything. As we make this divine connection, then each individual is assured of their place in heaven or nirvana, the eternal abode of spiritual and loving energy.

The process of ascension, the opportunity to become better human beings, is an adventure leading to ultimate consciousness and the true meaning of union with that incredible force of energy that runs through every person on this planet and all things. Through the power of Spirit, (we can also refer to this Spirit as, chi or kundilini, which is the vital force lying dormant within until activated, which leads one towards spiritual transcendence and realization of  our unity and oneness), we are provided tools for living on our beautiful planet and the opportunity to pursue this awesome quest.

When our focus and desire for union of our spirit to that which is sacred, with the simple approach of children, we can utilize the powerful tools of gratitude, compassion and a pursuit of peace in our world, this in turn brings the aspect of grace, and with these basic tools, we have a firm foundation for tuning into the kingdom within on which to build and grow.

Until we begin to let fall the veil of prejudice, until we go beyond the false superiority within each religious sect, we will be bound to the darkness of unconsciousness, and we will not evolve. Until we move beyond the separation of color and creed, we are bound to remain in a place of distrust towards our fellow human beings, and the “us and them” mentality that continues to delay our progress toward world unity. We must open our eyes to see the beauty of diversity, open our eyes to love and compassion, not fear and separation. May we open our eyes and see the many reflections of the one source of Light and Energy, that which is the eternal, timeless and all inclusive and begin the process of change and acceptance that will lead to healing and wholeness for mankind and our world.

As we tune into the frequency and dimension of that which is the divine heavenly source of energy, we begin to resonate with that same energy. When we begin the process of finding peace within, through forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and love, we build on a firm foundation to embrace the concept of oneness for all mankind. This leads us to move beyond our ego and materialistic nature and tune into our essence, our inner divine nature. This is a step-by-step, moment-by-moment process.

Learning the art of forgiveness, striving to make our lives more purposeful and meaningful, finding ways to serve others, using our skills and talents, this is the goal of our lives. Realize; the past no longer has a hold on us, neither does the future, all we have is this moment right now. When we embrace each moment as precious, as an opportunity to generate positive energy, we find that each moment is a treasure in itself.

Regardless of religious background, creed, or color, we know that the ultimate concept of love, is to love on a universal scale. When we strive to go beyond our weaknesses, our frailty, our personal struggles, the Energy of Love draws us ever nearer. As we are drawn nearer to this powerful source of Energy, we begin to experience the peace which passes all understanding, the comfort and loving embrace that is there for all. We are called individually, with an inherent desire, which was placed in our hearts from our birth in this life, which is for this love, the love of a parent for a child, the love that is experienced as a lover for their beloved. As we approach the level of our most loving nature, as we mature in our love, this embrace is the source of all contentment and hope for all we could possibly want in this life and more. Hence, the we fulfill the live enhancing quest toward the ultimate unity, unfathomable, omniscient, incomprehensible, the mysteries of mysteries, the peace and happiness just waiting to be discovered for all.

What joy there is in seeing the limitless possibilities of union with that which we call God or this Source of amazing energy that underlies everything! What comfort and consolation there is to find in all the beauty of this vast universe and our lovely little planet Earth. What a relief to move into the realm of light and love, to bypass the illusions of this world to a higher place, where we begin to see clearly through the lens of perception that lies beyond our egos and the duality of this world. This Spirit, this energy that brings to us the capability of seeing things in a positive light, cutting through the darkness of our senses, and touching something at the core of who we are and the reveals the reason for our existence. This is the call is to awaken. Awaken that which is asleep within us. Awaken to our higher selves, our natural state, that which is Love. Love for all things which are made from energy, light and love. That which is brightest, even in the midst of the darkness that we perceive to exist. As we awaken to our divine call, we have added divine purpose, meaning and great value to our lives.

What does each child need to survive? Love. A child who does not receive love either dies or is handicapped emotionally or physically in some way. What does each person want?  That which is searched for in this world in vain, that which cannot be found on the darkness of our streets. That which cannot be found in our crowded cities, in our governments, in bottles, that which can rarely be found unconditionally in this world. We have failed to evolve what we know to be the Truth that is deep within our souls. That is, the art of loving kindness, forgiveness, compassion and mercy towards ourselves and each other.

Awaken, children of mistaken ego identity. Awaken, for we have been sleeping for too long. We are children of light, children of the divine spark, that element of creation, that which is first and foremost love; the only reality worth pursuing, the only peace which exists, the only altruistic path to follow.

Awaken, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu. You are not these separate and isolated ideologies. You are of one source. You are all children of Eternal Oneness. Look at one another as equals of creation. Stop seeing yourselves as superior and unique for your belief systems. We must evolve to a new level of understanding and acceptance. The divine light of God is expressed uniquely through each individual. Our beautiful planet is struggling under the weight of delusion and separateness, with the result being confusion, and frustration which leads to unhappiness and which diffuses humanity’s  inherent positive energy.

Our little world is a speck in the midst of the vastness of this universe. Besides our own galaxy, other comparable galaxies stretch as far in space as our current telescopes can see. Mankind’s mistaken self-importance in the cosmos is foolish and unwise. If we bypass our nationalistic and separatist tendencies, we will be freed from many of the problems that have plagued mankind for countless generations

How many wars have to be fought before we see the uselessness of such acts? How long until we stop using labels to falsely distinguish ourselves from one another? Look into a mirror, and then look at everyone around you. Then look at all those who you perceive to be different from you. What do you see, in truth? Look deep, and yet truly you do not need to look deep at all, for it is right there in front of you. That which you perceive to be different is the same.  We all have the same basic needs; to require food and water to survive, we desire personal contentment, we yearn to be free from desires that weaken us, free from pain and suffering, but no greater desires exist, but that need for love. We require it as a flower needs sunlight and water. We require love and nurturing as we do our next heartbeat, our next breath to stay alive.

How fortunate you are if you have been loved and nurtured. But look around you. How many people do you sense need love, attention and affection, those that need recognition and verification that they too matter? What does it take to be kind and accepting towards others, to smile at a passing stranger, to regard others with respect? It is in loving service towards each other as individuals that we can bring about the greatest changes in our lives, communities and the world.

Without hope and the assurance of a deeper meaning in this world and beyond what is there? This is where much loneliness and emptiness enters into our lives. The truth is: When you take your last breath in this life, you can’t take the material things you’ve acquired with you. All you will have is your spiritual or deeper qualities that you have mastered in this lifetime.

Awaken parents of our children. If you are not building a strong spiritual foundation upon which your children will grow, what will become of them as they encounter the storms of life? Who or what will they turn to when they have to face the realities of this world? There is no greater responsibility a parent has than to teach their child right morals and proper conduct. This is not the responsibility of our schools; this is not going to be learned from the negative influence of watching television.

There is no substitute for teaching our children that there is deeper meaning in life that can only found in the spiritual realms and in the knowledge that even children can make tremendous contributions in making our world a better place. There are many organizations that cater to raising awareness, of initiating creative solutions to helping our planet. This creates a community environment, an extended family that will be a haven in which to turn in times of joy and sorrow. Many parents, due to their own failed experience in a religious environment of their childhoods, carry this into their adult lives, and instead of seeking and finding a nurturing spiritual or community, or communing with nature, they reject this most essential step in their children’s development. This is only one of the symptoms of disharmony which leads to problems of living in our current age.

In today’s society, many people are turning to physicians, instead of turning to spiritual teachings, practices and concepts which are a greater means for healing. Many prescription drugs that are available help to relieve depression and other spiritual maladies can be a great aid in times of distress and may promote healing.  They do not replace the necessary steps we must often take in order to be whole, integrated, healthy individuals. Taking a more challenging, but long term path of healing is that of forgiving those that may have hurt us in the past or releasing that which has a negative hold on us and going beyond our preconceived notions of who we are, to tuning into our authentic selves. This path is the path of self-realization. Often we neglect the most obvious means to bringing about a sense of wholeness in our lives. If we are living in healthy, balanced ways, the healing of body, mind and spirit are inevitable. We have yet to discover what the long term effects of artificial remedies that dull our senses will have. Beware of the pharmaceutical companies and the power they our wielding in our lives. Do not neglect the divine healer within you and the healing which can be found simply through proper diet and exercise and having a positive attitude daily. Simply saying, “thank-you” first thing in the morning as you open your eyes to a new day and having a grateful attitude can change your life.

Awaken youth of our precious little planet. You are the carriers of the torch of a new light, the light of hope. Awaken youth to the higher way of awareness, acceptance of your true selves and each other. Awaken to the mistakes and failures of the previous generations and perceive the whole truth and nothing but the truth, for the truth will set us all free.

Awaken youth to the evils of war, and the devastation of our planet. Awaken youth that vitality of a new generation, recognizing the highest concepts and morals of all our spiritual and religious beliefs. See the great opportunities you can contributute in this world by proclaiming unity, the brotherhood and sisterhood of all mankind. Know that the highest ideal of all is to learn acceptance, love and understanding for one another. As we collectively progress with this as our goal, we will continue to experience deeper levels of spiritual awakening. We can do this by sharing, and helping each other, even in the simplest and smallest ways. Learn to accept others in all the diverse and beautiful ways we have of expressing our humanity. Awaken youth, and reverse the order of things. Go beyond this age of unawareness into the Age of Enlightenment. You are the bridge and hope for our future. Realize that you are living in an age in which we have never before in the history of the world been able to connect due to the technology we have at our fingertips, and the opportunity to connect to one another on a global scale!

The kingdom of heaven is within each and every person on this planet, regardless of our level of consciousness. As we progress, as we move forward, all mankind, will, as magnets be drawn together in more positive states of awareness. Each and every individual has this power. When we remove fear, negativity, hatred and lack of understanding and acceptance from our lives, we will begin to see clearly beyond the realm of ego and we will move into a homogeneous state of unity. Then we can change darkness into light, weakness into strength, fear into love, war into peace, hunger into the spiritual food that will discover ways to feed everyone.

Awaken children who know despair, awaken children who falsely perceive darkness, awaken children of hopelessness. If you can only recognize that many of the problems of this life are self-created. If you can realize how many resources are available to help you overcome your pain, suffering, and weaknesses, then you may see that our problems are very often opportunities to learn and grow, to become stronger and more courageous individuals.

Helping others less fortunate can give us the perspective to see how truly blessed we are. If we are grateful for the very basic things we have to survive on a daily basis such as; food, clothing, shelter, the list goes on and on, we can see things more positively. If we can go beyond our own self-centered existence and reach out to others, it provides such gratification, creates blessings for ourselves and others which leads to a sense of abundance and wealth in our lives. Step from the shadows into the Light, and experience the joy and freedom that awaits you.

Awaken prisoners of the media. Awaken from terror, greed, manipulation and falsehood.  If you turn on the television or open a newspaper first thing in the morning, do not be surprised if you are dismayed and unhappy. We have become convinced that it is important to be “informed.” Perhaps this is true to a degree, but what good is it doing in your life? Is it motivating you to go out and do something positive to change the world and make it a better place, or do you just shake your head and complain about how bad things are, which just creates more negative energy? A much more important step in healing our world and our lives is through positive action and intention. Generating positive energy through prayer, meditation and positive thinking or doing something to help others is a thousand times more effective than the unsettling affects of just being informed.

Awaken governments, rulers and politicians. Awaken to your responsibility to have integrity and bring hope to your people. With all the tools available to us today, can’t we begin to find other solutions to our worlds problems other than war? Can you imagine how much good could be done if so much money wasn’t wasted on tools of warfare, but tools to help the people of this planet by educating and raising the quality of life? With all our knowledge and technology, we can develop constructive ways of negotiating the affairs of this world. Choose the way of justice, freedom and peace. This is the only way if mankind is to progress and survive.

Awaken Christians. If we were following Christ’s teachings, our world would be a far different place to live in.  How can war come from followers of the Prince of Peace?  Can you imagine the world if we truly followed the scriptures and loved the Lord with all our heart, mind and soul, and if we loved each other as Jesus loved us? Can you imagine a world where we “love our enemies?” (Mt 5:44) Destroy the boundaries that separate you from your brothers and sisters. “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Mt. 7:1-4) Live the ideal and strive for love towards one another. By spreading the gospel, by demonstrating our love, respect, and care for each other, the entire world will see that the Spirit of the resurrected Christ is alive in each and every one of his followers.

Some of you are very concerned with the “end times.” You are wasting precious energy. Jesus said, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day.”(Mt 6:34)  Let us use our energy to feed the hungry, care for the poor, the sick, and the needy and to do what we can to repair our broken world. This should be the focus and our main objective. “Come, O blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me,’ Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see thee hungry and feed thee, or thirsty and give thee drink? And when did we see thee a stranger and welcome thee, or naked and clothe thee? And when did we see thee sick or in prison and visit thee?’ And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.” (Mt. 25:34)

Each child on this planet is our child to care for, to nurture, and to love. As we look at the millions of starving and needy children in our world, we need to realize that they are our responsibility. There are those of you that are so generous, and able to send a check to a worthy organization, but this is just the beginning of what needs to be done. We need to consider all the children of this world as our own, for they will be the caretakers of this planet and our hope for the future. Education is the first step toward change in all the parts of the world and in our diverse cultures. If even a fraction of what is spent of warfare were instead spent on building schools and making education available to every child, the level of awareness and consciousness in our world would raise dramatically.

We must live that which we proclaim to be higher truths. Let us strive as never before to develop our compassionate nature and connect to that divine consciousness that exists in the heart, mind and spirit. As we utilize the positive qualities mankind possesses, as we consider ourselves as a part of a global community, we, as individual’s become living examples to show what the potential is, a microcosm which can awaken those around us to show the possibilities in our families, communities and the world. We are connected to one another globally as never before, since the dawn of time. We can move forward together, in ways never utilized or ever thought possible. Then we can and will make advances in unity, consciousness, wisdom and in peace. With a new approach, the possibilities for our children and our children’s children are endless.

AWAKEN, Awaken!  Now is the time. A small beam of light can cut through the darkness.     We can initialize an understanding of eternal truths and the ultimate co-existence for all mankind. With compassion for each other based on the ideal of love, we can strive for peace. With patience and persistence, we can try to improve our incredible world. Let us show our love and appreciation as being the best we can be, a positive expression of Divine Love. Let this day be the end of our unconsciousness, and an awakening to the light of a new dawn. The endless possibilities and potential for our bright future are in your hands.


The most important first step you can take is to find peace within. There are many things that contribute to disturb peace. The first step is to identify what those things are that no longer serve to enhance your life, but drain energy, enthusiasm, and create stress and make necessary changes. In recent studies on health and well-being, one critical factor always comes into play, and that is diet and exercise. There are many books and information is readily available to pursue this important step.

In the fast paced world we life in, one other very crucial step to finding peace within, and which is found in every spiritual tradition is the importance of meditation and stillness. We must take time to stop, to be in the moment, to breathe the life giving air, to simply relax and let go. As we move through our day, taking moments to be conscious of breathing brings us right back to a place of balance and serenity.

Gratitude is becoming aware of all that we have, not focused on what we don’t have. If you life in a society that has running water, for example, and you have the basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter, you must realize how rich you are. We often take for granted how rich we are, especially those who live in the western world, when the majority of the world lives in poverty or below the poverty line. When you see that even the simplest things in life are great blessings, and give thanks daily, you will change the dynamic of your life entire life. If the first words you say or think when you wake in the morning are; “Thank You” you will draw more of what you are thankful for into your life. When you follow thankfulness with a desire to spend your day generating the energy of love, you will. It is as simple as that. This is activating the Law of Attraction in its finest sense.

Forgiveness is another crucial step. If you can forgive yourself for past mistakes, and forgive others that may have hurt you, if you go beyond a sense of being a victim, you go to a place of empowerment.  When you let go of past pain and anger that no longer serves to enhance life, but drains away energy, it is like removing a heavy burden that weighs you down. Realizing you are free, knowing that nothing or no one has the power to hurt you, unless you give away that power, creates a lightness of being. Positive energy will flow more freely.

Ask yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” No matter what your age, having a purpose in life is a motivating force that gives meaning to all that you do. When you discover what it is that you would like to accomplish while here on this earth, in the short span of one lifetime, it can bring lasting fulfillment and a sense of adventure, and takes living beyond mediocrity to living a life filled with significance.

Everyday is an opportunity to do something for others. Whether it is volunteerism, making a phone call to someone who is alone, taking care of your home, yourself and your property, cleaning up a park, helping a neighbor, random acts of kindness, if we are creative, there are countless ways that we can make our world a better place daily.

Spirit Of Peace Renew Our World

© Rose Winstanley-Trefz 2014


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Rose Trefz is a successful business owner, tuning pianos, since 1977. Rose is a peace, environmental and women’s rights activist via social networks . Rose’s Facebook pages are: Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Global Sisterhood, Living In Tune, Worldwide Spiritual Circle Facebook pages, as well as, Worldwide Women’s Support Circle, Love Mother Earth, plus several other Facebook groups and Twitter.

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